The international Erasmus Student Network is first divided into several nations, which are part of the network. On the national level, ESN is divided in local sections. In Germany, there are currently 40 active sections of ESN. The national umbrella organization ESN Germany, or officially: ESN Deutschland e.V., coordinates the cooperation of these sections, holds regular meetings to allow people to share their experiences, and tries to help with problems of all sorts. And one of those sections is ESN Siegen. We help you to organize your stay in Siegen as easy and rememberable as possible!


Siegen’s ESN section is a small but fine section which exists since February 2017. We currently have a team of 15 active members from different fields of study and ages.


ESN Siegen organizes trips, parties and other events during the whole academic year, where you get to know a lot of different people, have fun and also see unique parts of Germany.